Workshop again

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Oh, I loved painting! I loved it so much that when I found out that Esther organizes another workshop I suppose that I was on the top of the list of the people that signed up. The subject of December was easy to guess – Christmas. The workshop’s convention was quite similar to the previous one – at first, paintings on our own hands a few designs…

Zdjęcie1825     Zdjęcie1829

… and then the Master starts to do her job 😉 So this time me and the others were the objects of experiments. Looking at the photos below I have to admit that I’ve never seen such a cute deer.

Zdjęcie1841        IMG_2462

Below – another participant as a frozen princess ( yeah, that’s truth, that day the weather was horrible…)

IMG_2458      IMG_2461

And, at least – me as a… bauble? But such a pretty bauble that I didn’t omit the next workshop, but I’ll write about this later, in one of the next posts.

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