Where are vases from?

Wersja polska              Versión española

After the painting of my Lizard I decided to go ahead and make something more. And I did it. A day after I created a design (also in my own body) that I named Vase in the end… I have no idea which vase I could think about then but the name stood.

At first it was supposed to be different. I wanted my skin to be like old and wrinkeld but as I didn’t like the effect, I changed the concept.

Waz 1_600b     Waz 2_600b

After a few minutes of frustration I thought that I could use the blue painting in the other way. I removed the wrinkels and added yellow designs – thats how I made my Vase.

Waz 3_600     Waz 4_600

In the end I painted my lashes also yellow and here you are! The final effect:

Waz 5_600     Waz 6_600

Waz 7_600

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