When everything goes wrong…

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Somethimes (well, always…) you want everything to go well, to all the things you do change to a masterpiece or, at least, to an acceptable painting. Somethimes it’s like this – you have a ready concept in your head, paintings, brushes and willing to work but the final effect seems to be totally different that you supposed. I won’t pretend that I’m always satisfied with every movement of my brush, on the contrary, I keep a huge distance to all I do. But the are days that something I’m creating results a total disaster, like this:

Nie 1_600     Nie 2_600

Nie 3_600

As I believe that the most important thing in such cases is to learn from my mistakes I changed my attitude. I draw my idea, made changes and then I was ready to paint it on my body.

Kre 1_600     Kre 2_600

Kre 3_600

That’s how a part of my body got a cartoon characteristisc. It’s not the most spectacular design I’ve made but at least I corrected what I didn’t do well for the first time. Below – the final effect:

Kre 4_600    Kre 5_600

Kre 6_600

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