Three days with my brushes

Wersja polska          Versión española

Recently I decided to practise. As usually I didn´t know when I would have a time to do it so I decided to continue my own tradition of painting myself when I would find a few free hours and before the weather of Madrid kills me. Or maybe I wanted to see if I´m still good at it? Maybe but it´s truth that I felt like painting for three days.

I was spontaneous. Every time I started I didn´t know how it would end. The first day, first of all I wanted to different colours as much as possible.

_MG_1682m     IMG_1660m

IMG_1663m     Zdjęcie2391m

The second day I had an opposite idea. The painting was supposed to be simple using only few colours…

IMG_1714m     IMG_1711

IMG_1702     IMG_1694m

The third day I thought that I needed a tipical face painting that I could use occasionally during parties…

IMG_1718m     IMG_1720m

IMG_1727M     IMG_1728


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