The muse of dance

Wersja polska                      Versión española

A muse came to my house. Is was a girl who inspires different photographers and this time inspired me, as well. Kasia Wójtowicz known as Terpsychora (eng. Terpsichore) let me paint her and showed us her talent – she dances like a professional. Miroslaw Rak – photographer from Gliwice took care about the photos. For years he was in love with nature, above all – the mountains but recently he developed his abilities and the other kind of nature – women, also started to interest him.

When Kasia was ready we turned on the music… Camera is not able to show the sounds but it reflected perfectly the movements and the dynamism of the model. I invite you to see the effects of this session and the social media profiles of my friends:


and Kasia: