The first professional session

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About two months ago I did something for the first time in my life… and it wasn´t parachute jumping, not even bungee. I took part in a photographic session in which the main protagonist was Luna Palacios – a pleasant model full of energy. For a collaboration asked me two photographers Sergio Cutillas and Pedro Torino who used to work together as S&P Photographers and then I asked for help my friend, Irene, who draws great and, what´s more, knows well what to do with brushes. Without her help we wouldn´t have finished the session until midnight…

_DSC9878     _DSC9880

_DSC9892     _DSC9894

At first, we painted chest, back and hands of Luna and then our professionals took her photos in a long spectacular skirt that looked great on her. She looked fantastic also because of the hair about which took care the fantastic Elena Hernández.

1491270_900593749979433_2369910725746558241_o     _MG_0100 copia

LUNA00016     _MG_0042

_MG_0024 copia     _MG_0058 copia

_MG_0029 copia     _MG_0064 copia

In the end we painted legs of the model and finally the painting was finished.

_DSC9932     _DSC9939

_MG_0150 copia     IKONA WPISU

I have to admit that the work in a group was a great experience also because everyone of us wanted to do his job as good as possible. Now I would like to say thank you to all and I hope that everybody spent this time as good as I did.

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