The exhibition of Magda Moniczewska

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Recently, walking around the city I saw a poster. Well, actually a lot of posters which informed that in the Museum of Tattoo in Gliwice is going to be a lecture on the history of painting bodies by Andrzej Jelski and an exhibition of body painting by Magdalena Moniczewska.

So, once upon a time, on a December evening I put on my shoes and a coat and went to the temple of tattoo. In spite of a lot of people I finally got to the room where the model were painted . The next Magda – a model with a huge energy impressed me by her enthusiasm and the capacity of posing in any time.

After the work was finished and model’s coming out to show the stylization I could finally talk to the artist who seemed to be a really nice and modest person and I was right, she was it. After all the show we went to a place called Czekoladziarnia where one could have a conversation with a cup of a warm chocolate and shoot more photos of the incredible model.

If you are interested in the art of Madga Moniczewska I recommend you her facebook profile:

And the profile of the model – Magdalena Skoczkowska: