Little things

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This time I had an occasion to practice little and relatively fast to paint designs. One Saturday evening of carnival my flatmate asked me to adorn eyes of she and her two friends before going to the party. There was no problem because every move of the brush is a good way for practice for me. To let them know what they can have on their faces I decided to make some paintings on our bodies:

_MG_9177                    _MG_9185

_MG_9223                 _MG_9243

They made a choice very fast – a few minutes after the sending of the photos. Long live globalization! So in the evening they came to our flat and we made what we were supposed to make.

_MG_9271          _MG_9279


Above – three nymphs, below – the icing of the cake. Our italian flatmate as a very social person also decided to celebrate so I painted him as well to let him do it better. You can’t imagine what a sacrifice was for him to stay every minute without movement…


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