Self painting again…

Wersja polska      Versión española

It´s truth that recently a have models to paint but one day I decided to return to the roots. I always made self painting at the beginning so maybe I should remind myself how I felt when I had a design on my face. I was thinking about animal designs for such a long time that now I decided to be a tiger for a day…

_MG_0733aMM     _MG_0738MM


I liked my role so much that for a moment I felt more… wild. I don´t know if I finally showed my real face or maybe a painting can influence one´s personality but I think that I start to like to pose for photos. Just a little bit…

_MG_0747MM     _MG_0754MM

_MG_0762MM     _MG_0764MM

_MG_0782MM     _MG_0794MM



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