Palm trees, straps…

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January was a month of little productivity. Exams, expositions… These are not the circumstances that help the creativity. Fortunately, even with this lack of time I was able to find a few hours to paint the most flexible and patient model – me of course.

It happens rarely that I have an idea and then I realize that in hundred per cent, that´s why I give a „name” to my painting when it´s totally finished. The name depends on my imagination and sometimes you need to have it quite rich to understand what I mean. That’s how I created a Palm tree:

IMG_7384  IMG_7393

I can’t deny that my favourite paint is every kind of green not only because of the colour but also a willing to colaboration, that are not properties characteristic to water-colours…

IMG_7405  IMG_7440  IMG_7449

A few days later, I also found some hours to paint myself but I decided to make something different. Now, I wanted to use as many colours as possible but without make the painting too gaudy…

IMG_8557  IMG_8561

Did I make it? I don’t know, I’m not the one who should junge it.

IMG_8579         IMG_8600



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