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I’ve always painted for fun. It’s incredibly relaxing when I take brushes, paint and create something new but when I found out that I can work doing this, first of all I was… surprised. Then, after a few minutes when I realized that I can go out and do something that is a pleasure for me, I started to be happy.

Everything started when one day I came back home and turned on the computer. On facebook – a portal that for much time I didn’t want to join – was a message from Esther where she asked me for being her assistant in body painting in one of the discos in the city centre. Of course! It’s a pleasure for me, let’s do it! That was the plan – at the beginning we paint a girl that is supposed to dance between all these people and then we decorate the rest of the guests.

That sunday evening I went to the place. I have to admit that disco is not the best place to paint the body so, because of the lack of space and a good light, we had to paint our model in one of the toilets for the first hour. Then, we could change the place so even a photographer could shoot a photo of us while we were painting the girl:


Maybe it doesn’t show at the first sight but this person at the bottom of the picture, on the left side is me.

The effect was almost fantastic, I’ve said almost, because during the painting our model fainted. And there’s nothing strange when we keep in mind that she was supposted to stay straight for some hours surrounded by people. I start to thing that somethimes body painting can be considered an extreme sport, especially for models 😉

Now, here you have the final effect:

IMG_8854   IMG_8848


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