(Not) so long ago in Cracow

Wersja polska                Versión española

During my last vacations in Poland I had a session with a photographer that lives there. Dominik is a nice man from Cracow which is keen on photography and television. We started in the morning after the model came. Tetiana, lovely Ucranian girl who also lives in Cracow came smiling and ready for a new adventure…

IMG_7848     IMG_7861

My idea was painting a lace dress on her. Of course, I think that any painting would be great on her body so, in my opinion, the effect is fantastic. That´s why I can sincerely admit that the polish-ucranian collaboration is fully satisfying. Enjoy!

11960422_1186440828049543_1040864783_o     IMG_7963

IMG_7893     IMG_7970

IMG_7911     IMG_8011

IMG_7898     IMG_7962

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