My worshop – the report

Wersja polska                Versión española

There comes the time to relate finally my workshop! After the receiving the photos from de Marek Skitał and Zdzisław Daniec who documented the event in Galeria SMS in Gliwice where the boss and the heart and soul of the place has been Marta Zajączyńska – Kowalska for many years. Marta, who is a great artist is also an organizer of any kind of artistic events, workhops also. This time it was my turn.

In my workshop appeared a few people – ones that I know and those that I don’t, who wanted to know how to play with this kind of paintings. What more can I say – let the photos talk instead of me! Enjoy!

Photos by Zdzisław Daniec (those with inscription ZDANIEC) and Marek Skitał (the photos without inscription)