My first workshop

Wersja polska        Versión española

After moving to Madrid I wanted to enjoy the potencial of the city as much as I can and I think I do it also as a future body painter. Very quickly I found on facebook a workshop organized every month by Esther Sagbal – a face painter that occupies this for about 5 years with a good result. 4th of October I participated in one of them; this time the topic was Halloween. I thhought that it would be a great way to learn some tricks which I could use in many ways. Esther was a very likeable woman with much experience and after those few hours I knew more than after a few months of painting by myself. Below – my first pumpkins and spiders (that I am really afraid of…):

War 1_600   War 3_600

At the end of the workshop Esther showed us how to paint bigger and more spectacular designs. Below – the master in the accion:

War 5_600      War 6_600b

War 8_600b     War 9_600

War 11_600b     War 12_600b

Everyone of us was decorated. I had a double luck because I had a spider on my neck and pumpking on my face.

la foto 42 (1)

That’s how we looked at the end:

9 (1)

We liked the paintings so much that we didn’t want to wash it even when we went back home. It was a good decision because me and Cristina (the girl I met there) felt like the stars of the metro. I can’t remember the last time I’d got so many smiles. Unfortunately, the photo is a little bit blurred but that’s the effect of the big emotions.

War 13_600b

After that all I decided to practice by myself, on my own skin. I know that I’m not perfect yet but I’m still getting better.


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