My beginning

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Welcome to all of you! I’m Kamila Kasielska from Poland and for some time I deal with body painting. Well, actually I try to do this ‘cause a first I need to go through many tries and mistakes to be a professional. In addition, the more I paint the more I realize that I still have a lot of work.

Everything started in Holland, the place where I lived and worked for  7 months, and where I got my first acrylics and paintbrushes. It wasn’t the best material of the world – those very cheap acrylics were flaking terribly which shows on the fotos:

Aga 1-2_600b    Baśka 1-2_600b


Thanks to the patience of my flatmates I could try to paint as much as possible to let my hand get used to paintbrush (well, it was in the primary school on art lessons when I had it in my hand for the last time)

I painted various themes – small patterns:

Monia 1-2_600b

Monia 1-2_600x


…and “decorations” of a chest (sorry, censored)

It wasn’t a vain effort, because in spite of the bad quality of the material I made this (which I consider the biggest success of me and my faithful acrylics):

Ola 1-2_300b





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