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It was a good weekend. On Saturday Mariano visited me in my flat and the day after came here his partner, Melina also a very pleasant girl with a full of energy. It turned out that the girl is multi talented: she is an actress, dancer, acrobat and sometimes poses for artists. We started our work with a smile on our faces. I thought about creating on the body of Melina a suit of a driver of Formula 1…

IMG_10114JPEG     IMG_10123JPEG


After the finished work we went upstairs to take advantage of the weather and habilities of Melina. The girl turned out to be a great model – she bend in an incredible parts, poses with every prop and makes those things with high-heel shoes and a smile on her face. One more time a had the same problem – it was difficult to choose the best photos but those that I decided to put, show that I was lucky to cooperate with a really professional and positive girl.

IMG_10184JPEG     IMG_10310JPEG

IMG_10330JPEG     IMG_10186JPEG

IMG_10231JPEG     IMG_10287JPEG

IMG_10323JPEG      MelinaDlaMelinyJPEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those that want to see more of Melina´s work I recommend her account on facebook:

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