Mark Reid in Madrid

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On Saturday I was really lucky… Well, I could say that I had a honour of participating in a workshop of Mark Reid. It´s a charismatic man with a huge talent that´s why he is a body painter known in the whole world and a respected artist.

This time, as he was in a World Bodypainting Festival  in Austria he also decided to visit Madrid because of a workshop organized by Esther Sagbal. It was an event that attracted people from different parts of Spain – from the Canary Islands, Majorca and Málaga to A Coruña and Barcelona. It was worth it!

We started with activities that increase the creativity and designs which can be used in many ways in our own paintings…

_MG_1913     _MG_1916

_MG_1920     _MG_1932


After that, everyone of us got an autograph… It was a design painted in our bodies (mostly on our faces) and it came out really gorgeous.

(Every photo below belongs to Julio Municio Oliver)

DSC_0880_result     DSC_0850_result

DSC_0865_result     DSC_0882_result

DSC_0889_result     DSC_1034_result

DSC_0903_result     DSC_0931_result

DSC_0997_result     DSC_1050_result

DSC_1083_result     DSC_1073_result

But the ending was even more interesting. Those who had time went to a park to see how Master was painting Esther´s back. It was supposed to be flamenco dancers and I have to say that the effect was spectacular!

DSC_1174_result     DSC_1177_result

DSC_1213_result     DSC_1275_result

DSC_1314_result     DSC_1339_result

Those who want to see more of the works of Mark Reid should visit his website:

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