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On December, my two polish friends decided to visit me to let me feel like home. These are great girls that I met here in Spain, in Santiago de Compostela a few years ago where we made Erasmus. I was fancy show them the city, the most interesting places, go with them to bars that I know, but I had to ask one thing… Do you mind if I paint both of you? I loved their enthusiasm but at least nothing was as good as it could be. At the beginning of their visit fell ill so I couldn´t do what I wanted to. I was strong enough to paint at least the face of one of them. I introduce you Kasia:

IMG_7282      IMG_7250


And here you have the final effect:

IMG_7363       Kasia


As you can see, this is a great model with big… patience and abilities. Maybe next time we will create something more spectacular.

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