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After the workshop I decided to practice also another skills… Halloween was supposed to come immediately so it was a good time to make something appropiate. I also encouraged my flatmate to let me paint her face in spite of her incredible energy because of which she couldn’t stay calm. That’s how I creted my first mexican Catrina (the design that shows that the mexicans don’t treat death serious).

IMG_2896     IMG_2897

We both didn’t have much time but I covered with the painting at least the whole face.

IMG_2900     IMG_2902


Halloween is the festivity celebrated also in Madrid so I decided to decorate also my own face. Reportedly it seemed quite realistic but who believes spanish people… 😉

Zdjęcie1781 (2)        Zdjęcie1781


If someone doubts that I went out painted like this, below you have the photos. If someday I was supposed to feel like a star of metro, that was the day!

od młodej       z młodą

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