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How much I like to paint in Warsaw… So much that one more time Aleksandra Bogucka was my model but this time the photographer was the incredible Aga Mikłaszewicz and the fantastic Magda Konopka was a hair designer.

This time it was an idea of the girls – a GEISHA to paint. So, we’ve had an idea, colorful fans and that’s how we started our work. Even the tiredness wasn’t our enemy even because of the other body painting  session made the day before with Aleksandra. This day Magda was irreplaceable – she created an amazing hairstyle which was really worth geisha. After many hours of work (as usual) the session had started… Aga extracted the energy of the model and the best of the painting so now you can admire her incredible work here and in her fanpage:

It’s worth to see one more time the page of the model – Aleksandra:

… and to appreciate the talent of Magda Konopka must see the link: