From henna to a lizard

 Wersja polska     Versión española

After the acrylic period came the other. It was when I bought another paintings, adapted better to use it on skin, which permits me make much more. This time I didn’t want to be monothematic and I started with a design similar to henna.

Henna 1-2_600     Henna 2-2_600

I was inspired by the photos found in the internet:

… but, as I wanted to show that I can create something without copying, I painted this:

Henna 3-2_600

Since this moment my life changed a lot. I moved out from Holland and started a new period in one of the universities in Madrid but it doesn’t mean that I left my water-colours alone. On the contrary, lately I made something even bigger that I used to. What’s more, because of the lack of a model I had to paint my own skin. That’s how I made a Lizard. Below you have photos of the earliest stage of the painting.

Jasz 1_600b    Jasz 2_600b

…and the later moments…

Jasz 3_600b    Jasz 4_600b

In the end I chose red lips and this is the effect:

Jasz 5_600b     Jasz 6_600b

Jasz 7_600

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