Cubistic inspiration

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I can’t complain – I’m lucky to have quite a lot of models to paint. Sometimes they write me to offer a part of their body to paint and that’s how it was this time. One of my friends wrote me last time to be my model and I was so glad because it was a girl with a good attitude towards body painting, had a beautiful figure and didn’t have problem to show it. And it’s really great!

I decided that this time it could be interesting to play a bit with forms and colours…

_MG_0511MM     _MG_0514MM


And that’s how we made it. It turned out that my friend is able to be a wild animal and a femme fatal and it shows on the photos. I think that this collaboration was super productive and I hope to have such models always – trouble-free and willing to cooperate.

_MG_0600MM     _MG_0657aMM

_MG_0690MM     _MG_0704MM

_MG_0716MM     _MG_0720MM

IMG_3575MM     IMG_3581MM

IMG_3610MM     IMG_3616MM



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