Chinese peacock

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I study with a lot of people. But this is not the most important thing. What´s interesting is their origin – a big part of them are Chinese. They have an opinion of the nation that is not very open but it´s not all the truth. When you know them, you see very nice, hard working and… exotic people and that´s what I wanted to show in my next painting.

Recently I encouraged one of my friends to be my model. Her name is Alegría and she´s exactly what says her name – friendly, cheerful and full of energy, but we had one problem. She didn´t want to show her face but we found another part of the body to paint – her back.

Now, the design. As she is Chinese we wanted to find something appropriate and here we got it! – a PEACOCK. This is a symbol almost as important as a dragon but there is a big diference – the dragon represents men while the peacock symbolizes women.

It was easy to imagine that the best colour to choose is red – to let the painting be more traditional.

That´s how it began:

IMG_8860     IMG_8862

And a few hours later when it was ready:

10984864_10152559980607035_2102139190_n         10961719_941765295834016_1351920849_n

Alegria fb       IMG_8924

Alegría was a very patient and talented model in spite of not showing her face. Fortunately, our colaboration was not over…

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