China – the next part

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Finally came this moment – I had to move out from Madrid. I finished my studies, I defended my thesis so I had much time to paint a really nice China  girl. Actually, I didn´t need to talk her into this because she loves to try new things.

I thought to create on the body on Cecilia a tipical Chinese dress that would be reliable for the people of this country because of the colour, form and the design on the material.

My Chinese friends say that it looks really Chinese, so, as I trust them, I present you my photos below!

IMG_2628KK     IMG_2630KK

IMG_2637KK     IMG_2642KK

IMG_2651KK     IMG_2655KK

IMG_2661KKvibrance     IMG_2663KK

IMG_2667KK     IMG_2675KKnasycone





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