Bodypainting Day Amsterdam 2016

Wersja polska               Versión española

I’ve painted in different cities but now I came back to one in which everything started… I was where I started to make my first little paintings on my flatmates and where I was getting used to catch the brush… AMSTERDAM!

Two weeks ago a went back to this city because of Bodypainting Day – an event organized by Andy Gollub. There came people from all over the world – Austria, Germany, United States and Zambia are ones among many other countries from which came the participants. We started in the morning next to the famous Rijksmuseum and we spent there painting for the next 4 hours. Luckily, the weather was awesome which in not typical for Holland but at least none of the paintings flew down…

At the end we had a journey through the canals by boat. I’ve never seen so many people’s great reactions! I thing I’ll be back next year and now I invite you to take a look at the photos and to participate in the event not only in Amsterdam! It has been organized for a few years in New York and now also in Brussels and San Francisco. Let’s see what’s gonna be next!