Art people – Esther Sagbal

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This time I´m not going to write about myself and about my paintings. This time I would like to let you know about the person with a huge passion, experience and a pleasant personality who taught me a lot. Her name is Esther Sagaro, she lives in Madrid and I wrote about her workshops many times.

If somebody thinks that one can´t make his dreams come truth whenever he wants, he´s totally wrong. Esther does it for about five years and now she is a respected person in the world of body painting, which is not surprising when you see her paintings. She started to learn how to paint somebody´s body when it was difficult to find any information about this kind of art but now she is succeeded thanks to her talent and perseverance.

Without any doubt she is an artist with huge possibilities. In her portfolio you can find simple and fast designs on the faces of children and adults…

(Esther owns all the photos below)

10294354_790063747718043_6583229346127105002_n     10712958_791690580888693_5106553719378659599_n

10847925_831863523538065_641144986057791130_n     10994330_870268296364254_5910438636313530211_n


…and much more complicated and demanding paintings:

11538074_940876535970096_6135673916292259217_o     11069657_911559895568427_7642601834335154097_n

10421489_904593996265017_1647415943008141931_n     10311097_814782471912837_1777318606360036271_n

Her works are interesting, original and also created by using different kind of technique  – brushes, sponges, airbrush and even luminescent paints:

10428454_831860250205059_3090353681961233095_n     1505569_858712197519864_6596390703873124961_n


What´s more, it´s not only art for art´s sake. You can meet Esther in a different kind of parties where you can be her model  for a few minutes if you are lucky. If you would like to see more of her work I recommend you her facebook profile:

Enjoy! It’s worth it!

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