A workshop – for the third time

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In spite of the lack of time, in the middle of the period of exams, I couldn’t evit the next Esther’s workshop. This time we were supposed to practice more popular and classic designs that can be used on birthday parties and the others. Great! I will learn something new one more time.

I have to confess that this was my first workshop in which I wasn’t tired… The last two times my tiredness wasn’t caused by the party night or something like that but still I see the difference between painting while I’m rested and when I’m not.

This time the organization was a little bit different. Of course, our hands were the most colorful parts of the body…

Zdjęcie2136   Zdjęcie2135   Zdjęcie2134

… but later everyone of us could try to paint a design proposed by Esther earlier on the face of one of the girls present in the workshop. So I have it – one of the first photos of me working on the butterfly.

10950984_731976733583992_1003601062_o (2)    10856251_731976103584055_580377099_o (1)

But I also let paint my own face. Yeah, the star of metro is back in town!



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