A Venezuelan tiger

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I had a flatmate – a really nice Venezuelan girl with a Peruvian origin who is always smiling, Carla. During those few months when we lived together we really liked each other so I didn’t have a problem to propose her a homemade session.

I thought that Carla could be an excellent wild cat which can be a lazy animal laying on a couch or a wild dangerous creature at the same time. It was a good idea because she seems to be really talented as a model and actress, as well. She behaved so unaffectedly and professionally while taking photos that I was really impressed. Maybe that’s what she should do in her life?… 😉

After the session I also wanted to have a photo with my pretty cat. Well, I think that Carla felt her wild nature and I am lucky to be still alive, my dear! So, if I’m not dead and I’m able to whrite a few words more, I invite you to see my photos, also those which will be soon on this page. Cheers!