A bit of Buenos Aires

Wersja polska         Versión española

Normally I painted my friends or friends of my friends… But now I encouraged a proffesional to collaborate with me. Well, the truth is that I didn’t need to encourage anyone because Mariano had so much enthusiasm that it would be enough for me, him and another ten people. So, once upon a time, on one sunny saturday came to my little room a nice guy from Argentina that came to Madrid to learn in a school of mimes and sometimes to pose for painters, photographers and bodypainters, also for the beginners 😉

I thought that he would look great in a maori design and I guess I was right. That’s how it started:

IMG_9867aJPEG     IMG_9870aJPEG


Later it was even better. I was lucky to work with a model with a great facial expression, full of ideas and a huge enthusiasm which helped to make a lot of good photos. It was difficult to choose the best ones but I think that those that I published show a potential of Mariano. Who else would be able to change from maori warrior to a romantic dreamer in a few seconds?

IMG_9898JPEG     IMG_9925a_poprJPEG

IMG_9930poprJPEG     IMG_9957JPEG

IMG_9981popr1JPEG     IMG_9987poprJPEG

IMG_10086poprJPEG     IMG_10107popr3

To see Mariano in another vesions (it’s worth it!) you just need to click here:


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