A bit of Africa in Warsaw

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Recently I had an opportunity to do something extraordinary… I started to speak with a model called Tonbo – Aleksandra Bogucka which is an incredible person full of energy who likes extraordinary ideas and experiments. What’s more, she has a great photographer with who she realizes a lot of them – it’s a man called Zielonooki Szatan – Piotr Pulchny who is a great professional and has ideas about how to intensify the effects of the session.

After the Christmas time I went to the capital where this incredible couple took care about all the organization. After some hours joined us another couple – Kasia and Tomasz who had the same energy that’s why those hours of painting wasn’t so tiring and we spent the great time. I should add that Tomasz is also a really good photographer which you can see below.

All I would like to say is now is – thank you all! I hope and I’m sure it wasn’t the last time we met! And now, I want to invite you to see all the effects of work of Piotr (the photos with the inscription czarne-biale.com.pl) and Tomasz (fotorince.pl). I also recommend you the profiles of Aleksandra: https://www.facebook.com/aleksandra.bogucka.1

Piotr: https://www.facebook.com/Piotr-Leonard-Fotograf-532274500176564

and Tomasz: http://www.fotorince.pl

It’s really worth seeing! Enjoy!